Counting down the days...

Boy, I'm ready for summer to start already! April showers bring May flowers? Sure, but someone tell the New Hampshire weather that May is half-way over by now! I'm ready for some sunshine!

Don't get me wrong. I'm actually not minding the rain so much either. It's been watering my plants for me and helping my garden of potted plants to grow. My strawberries came back after wintering in a pot outside - I wasn't really expecting that, to be honest. But I'm also waiting for the nights to warm up a little bit more so I can put out seedlings, too.

My itty bitty lettuce seedlings are starting to come up and reach for the sun. Can I put them out yet? I want salads growing in my backyard!

Gardening in New Hampshire has been a little bit tricky, to say the least. The good news is, I no longer have a black thumb, the way I did in Florida. Man, I couldn't get anything to grow there! It was always being eaten by birds, eaten by bugs, eaten by fungus, or pummeled by the wind and the rain during the summer rain storms. Native gardening is all well and good, but the growing season there was just strange to me. Having grown up in Michigan, and learned gardening from my dad and my grandparents, I'm much more suited to New England gardening. My thumb isn't quite green yet... maybe a shade of greenish-brown. But each year we are here, it gets a little bit easier.

Next month, I'm looking forward to the lupines. Have you ever seen lupines? No, not wolves. Flowers! They always bring me back to my childhood summers spent in Maine. We would go visit my grandparents along the coast and there would be fields of flowers. Here in New Hampshire, we have a lupine festival where you can go on a self-guided drive along one of the most colorful trails around.

Cool, right?! They come in all shades, and are at peak for a few weeks in June. The purple and pink are my favorite. I love to find them scattered in fields out in mid-coast Maine, just like I did when I was a kid.

Anyway, the soap making has been slow here for a few weeks. I did a big crunch to get ready for Anime Boston, and we had a great time! This weekend is Kid's Con in Nashua, and we had a blast there last year, this is our first time attending as artists. I can't wait! After that, we are going to be working on converting what is currently my work room into a third bedroom so my kids can have a little more space to themselves. We're in the process of slowly searching for a house to buy that will have appropriate work space AND bedrooms so the kids don't have to constantly be on top of one another. Right now they're sharing a room, but when your sassy six year old locks her little brother out because she needs alone time to play with her dolls, it's probably time to separate them, if possible. ;)

Once we have things settled back down a little more, I have some fun things in mind that I'd like to make, but that's probably going to come around the same time as summer break, which is when we spend a lot of our time out at the farm picking fruits and berries and petting goats and sheep. Time with the kids is priority, after all. Before I know it, even the littlest will be in school, and I'll have plenty of time to work on products.



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