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Wow, that was quiet, wasn't it?

I participate in some fan groups on Facebook and today I found out through one of them that part of Season 3 of Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir was released on Netflix today.

... not that I haven't seen all of the episodes already... ;)

Ahem. Where were we?

Oh, yes.


So, Season 3 has kind of come out with a whimper. I remember when Season 2 was announced, then released, first in episodes overseas, and then as a collection on Netflix. There was so much to-do about it! People were counting down and so excited for Season 2. But I guess for Season 3, they figure the die-hard fans have already seen the newest episodes as released overseas and in Canada, so they'd just drop them on Netflix, eh?

I really don't mind, but it was fun to feel the energy of the anticipation for when the entire series would drop to Netflix. They didn't really do that this time around. Ah well.

Off I go to visit Paris with my kids this afternoon.

And I'll finally get to watch Party Crasher in English.

Have you watched any of Season 3 yet? Which eps are your favorites?


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