Rainy Day Blues

Today is drizzly. It's the beginning of a new year. 

I should be making bath bombs.

Instead, I'm sitting here refining my website, updating labelling looks for my products, and.... well. Writing this blog post. ;) 

I miss writing. I used to do it a lot. In fact, I used to update my LiveJournal account several times per day, and hopped readily into communities about the things I was interested in and the things I wanted to learn about. 

It seemed so much easier back then, but I had a lot less on my plate at the time. I didn't have any kids - just my pets, who WERE like my children - but I guess I also felt like I didn't have the weight of so much more on me back then. 

Not that my intention is to write a lament. I'm simply musing, I suppose. 

I find that a lot of the things that use up my energy these days are using so much that I find it difficult to engage in creativity, which is ultimately what I wanted to do all along. 

For now, I'm treading water. Dedicating my time and efforts to things that matter to me while still clinging to the things I once used to enjoy. 

I'll get it figured out eventually. 

Besides, making bath bombs on a rainy day is never a good idea. Those things are incredibly tempermental and will activate while they're supposed to be drying, turning a bath bomb into a bath dud. Nobody wants that! 

It's always been a challenge for me to figure out how best to manage my time when I'd rather be doing something, anything else. Though, to be fair, I've recently learned that's because I'm neurodivergent. My brain processes information at what feels like the speed of light, leaving my body wanting to catch up. It's a challenge, at best. 

These rainy days are good for something, at least. They force me to pause and take care of things that need to be taken care of, catching up on the things my creative mind doesn't want to face. 

I'll dream of what can happen once the rain has gone. 

Happy New Year, friends! 


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