Can’t win ‘em all…

Ah, boogers! I really thought this one was gonna be a winner.... 

I recently acquired a recipe for jelly soap. You know, the super jiggly stuff that kids just love?

I had all of these grand ideas of putting together some awesome jelly dragon soaps for the kids at the Renaissance Faire this year, but it just was not meant to be. T__T 

My first go with the recipe turned out looking like scrambled eggs. Overcooked! Bummer. 

My second attempt was not much better. I was more conservative with the heat, but ended up not cooking this batch all the way through and ended up with applesauce. Sigh. 

I was able to cook that batch down into something my kiddos could use, at least. 

As of right now, I still have yet to master the jelly soap. 

Instead, it has mastered me. 

Back to the drawing board..... 

This is why R&D is so important! Haha. 


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