My kiddo is, like, SUPER into Wings of Fire right now. 

It seems like that's going to be this generation's Redwall, eh? (Am I showing my age here? Heh...) 

No matter, it's all good. We all need some kind of a fantasy creature series to get into as a kid, don't we? She absolutely devours the books and the graphic novels. If we're in the store and she's picking up the next installment, she'll walk around the store with her nose in the book and completely entrenched in the pages. 

Could be worse! 

Anyway, she really wanted me to make some dragon bath bombs for her and her friends, and to have at my table at the summer markets. I'm pretty sure there isn't a purple dragon in Wings of Fire, but given that the scent I chose for this batch was lavender and vanilla, purple is what I went with. I used a three-part mold by Soapfistication (one of my favorite mold makers!) and couldn't be happier with the results! 

Over the next few weeks, I'd love to make more dragons in a variety of different colors. These ones are dye-free to keep the cost affordable for the kiddos and teens - be sure to check them out at the Hillsborough Farmer's Market every Saturday this summer! 

What color dragon would you like to see next? 


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